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Podcast Episode 8 – The Law and Recruitment

Hi Everyone, the next episode of the podcast is now available on iTunes. In this episode, I am very pleased to interview Claire Michelle Smyth LL.M, lecturer in Dublin City University, Griffith College and Boston University about why Ireland is a great place to work because of the many legal protections in Ireland for workers, with particular focus on the recruitment process. I hope you enjoy it.

Listen here, at: http://goo.gl/Z3w7rz

Claire Michelle Smyth, LLM

Claire Michelle Smyth, LLM

App of the week: HR Law App

Just found this app for the iphone, and thought I would recommend it to you all. Its an Irish-centric HR Law app from A&L Goodbody.Very useful to any recruiters/HR professionals and also should be of interest to anyone in, or seeking employment who would like to know their rights. It also comes with some useful calculators to calculate maternity and redundancy figure. Highly recommended, and best of all, free!

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