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Podcast: Social Media

Just in time for the weekend, here is the latest Podcast episode. In this episode I discuss how  to leverage Social Media in your search. As LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking tool, this episode is very LinkedIn-centric, but the principals are the same regardless of the tool you use (build a strong online presence, then reach out to others in a professional way to bring attention to yourself). Hope you enjoy it: http://goo.gl/Z3w7rz




List of open jobs in Ericsson LMI right now

We’ve just pulled together our list of jobs for CareerZoo, and it was quite a struggle as there are so many opportunities! Why not take a look here:

Ericsson CareerZoo Feb 2014

Hope to see you Saturday!

@Work4Ericsson – New Ericsson Ireland Twitter Account

If you are interested in working for Ericsson Ireland and are a Twiter user, you might be interested to follow @Work4Ericsson which we have recently launched which we hope to tweet all the latest jobs in Ericsson as well as anything related. Here is the link:



PM Roles (Ericsson)

Hi Everyone,

I’m delighted to be back working for Ericsson, and I have a couple of opportunities you, or someone you may know might be interested in:

These roles are based out of Ireland with frequent travel to Sub-Saharan Africa (up to 90%) to work on leading-edge telecoms projects with Ericsson and their clients.

Please see the links below for full spex and to apply:

Senior Customer Project Manager in NRO

Senior Customer Project Manager (CSI Projects)

I am also expecting to get some Solution Architect (RAN and IP&Core) and 3G optimization roles soon, so please watch this space!


RBS Group

Hi Everyone,

In case you missed my twitter update, just to let you all know I’m working for RBS Group now. Why not take a look at some of the jobs we are recruiting for here: http://www.jobs.rbs.com/global.




Hooray! http://bit.ly/zG3bcZ