I’m absolutely delighted that we have 4 entries from Irish colleges to the Ericsson Innovation Awards 2016, and I just wanted to wish them the best of luck, and also encourage you to vote for them!

The projects are (and you can click on the names to see more details and to vote for them):

  • onWinListeners – (replacing the physical queue system with a virtual queue)
  • PI or Peoples Internet (a socialising app that will bring the “lone-wolf back to the wolf pack”)
  • The Futuristics – (an automatic billing system based on RFID) and
  • Carpartment – (a progression of self-driving cars to the next stage in evolution)

While I would love to have a winner from an Irish College, you should of course vote for what you think is the best, so you can see details of all the entries and vote for them here:

They are all great ideas, so I hope one day Ericsson can help make them a reality, as I really dislike queues, and the checkout, and you never know, I might even be persuaded to give up my “lone-wolf” motor-biker ways with PI and a Carparment!

Voting is open until December 17.