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Storm in the Cloud: CX.com/FileDen shakes confidence in online file hosting

Users confidence in cloud hosting will no doubt take a severe blow after FileDEN, a major Online Storage & File Hosting company, has suffered unrecoverable file loss for many users (including me). Blaming a third party hosting provider who failed in their responsibility to maintain and backup servers over the last several months causing several outages and hard drive failures, the company has all but given up on recovering estimated Terabytes of user data.  The company reiterates on its webpage that:

We realize how important your files are to you and sincerely apologize for this major disruption” – a message that understates what is in fact catastrophic loss for some users. The company’s Facebook page would indicate that users have been experiencing difficulties since as early as 7th May and the communication from the company since has been, by its own admission “very poor“.

Tom Clements, President of CX.com, owners of FileDEN, has today emailed users, encouraging them to migrate to CX.com, promising:

In addition to an increased 10GB of free storage, … a difference in quality, response time and improved customer service with your new CX.com account.

Tom Clements, President of CX.com

Tom Clements, President of CX.com says communication from the company since has been, by its own admission “very poor”


CX.com claims to have a zero percent file loss rate in over four years (excluding of course, this one), however this user, for one, is not convinced and will not be taking up CX.com on their offer to migrate.

Have you been affected by the FileDEN failure? Please share your experience.