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3 Economic Indicators from the CSO [That you will like]

Great news for Ireland with the Central Statistics Office releasing 3 positive indicators in a row over the last 2 days:

1. Unemployment is down

According to the CSO, Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for September 2015 was 9.4%, down from the August 2015 rate of 9.5% and down from 10.9% in September 2014. More here.

2. More tourists are coming and more people in Ireland are able to Travel

In the period June – August 2015, the total number of trips to Ireland increased by 12.2% to 2,787,700 – an overall increase of 303,700 compared to the same period twelve months earlier.  Also the total number of overseas trips made by Irish residents during the period June – August 2015 increased by 6.2% to 2,316,700. More here.




3. House Prices are continuing to rise responsibly

While nowhere near the Celtic Tiger prices, House Prices seem to have returned to reasonable growth, with residential property prices up by 2.3% nationwide in the month of August, up 9.5% on an annual basis. Of course, there are problems in the rental sector, but hopefully normality in the home-owner sector will have the knock-on effect of restoring normality in the rental sector too. More here.

…and hopefully it will only get better when we win the Rugby World cup! #COYBIG

EU/Ireland only 0.1% apart

Great news form the CSO – the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Ireland for May 2015 was 9.8%, a decrease 40,500 when compared to May 2014. You can see the full release here:

This means that unemployment in Ireland is now only 0.1% higher than the EU average (according to Google Data) which stands at 9.7%.

1,938,900 jobs in Ireland

Good news all round it would seem from the Irish Central Statistics Office (CSO) Quarterly National Household Survey. According to the CSO, there was an annual increase in employment of 1.5% or 29,100 in the year to the fourth quarter of 2014, bringing total employment to 1,938,900. This compares with an annual increase in employment of 1.5% in the previous quarter and an increase of 3.3% in the year to Q4 2013.

This is welcome news that the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate decreased from to 10.4% from its peak of over 15% in 2012.

You can see the full release here: http://goo.gl/p6QFco