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Average Rent Prices in Ireland and Dublin

This is one of those questions I get from overseas applicants a lot  – what is the average rent in Ireland. Of course it differs for a number of reasons (location, if you want to share etc). Thankfully, Daft do periodic reports on this. According to them, average rent is now €765/month.

A 1 bed letting in Dublin varies from €620 to €991, with an average of €797/month.

You can read the full report here.

Car Sharing in Dublin

dublintraffic.ie provides a free platform for Dublin’s car commuters to set up car sharing arrangements to and from work. Worth a look if you want to cut down your commuting costs and have a bit of company in the car. Not much use to me I’m afraid (unless someone fancies a handlebar…?)

IDC’s Managed Services Conference 2008

It’s probably a bit early to post this, but I’ll be attending this event on the 25 November at the Royal Hospital Kilmainham in Dublin. The link is here: http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=IDC_P15988

According to IDC, this event aims to educate and inform IT professionals about:

  • Outlining the business case for managed services and determining the right managed services model
  • Choosing the right managed services partners
  • Managing your partnership ecosystem properly with a multi vendor approach
  • Choosing what areas of an IT department to adopt managed services, what should you take into consideration
  • Tools and techniques for a comprehensive managed services solutions

Should prove to be an interesting day. If you are interested in discussing this topic with me before/after or during the day, please do drop me a line.

What does a daily rate contractor cost?

Hope this chart is illustrative. It’s a quick calculator that, based on the costs of salary, will give reckonable daily rate budget available (allowing for all the hidden costs such as holidays, PRSI, payroll administration etc in employing someone on a fixed term contract as opposed engaging on a daily rate contract).
So, from the table for example, if you have sufficient budget to pay a salary of €65,000, it would cost approximately the same to engage with us to get someone on a daily rate basis for €481/day.
If you are interested in seeing how this is calculated, please drop me a line.

NERA and NRF Websites

A couple of websites I’d recommend:

NERA – National Employment Rights Authority
This website has been the subject of a media campaign lately. Definitely worth a look, although more relevant to permanent employment and fixed term contracts. Useful for employers and employees equally.
NRF – National Recruitment Federation
The NRF’s brief is to establish standards and codes of practice for the Recruitment Industry in Ireland. In particular, if you are working with an agency, I would recommend familiarising yourself with the code of conduct.


Here is what a couple of our clients and candidates have said about CPL:

“This is a note to ‘Thank you’ for your efforts. I have been very pleased with the service provided, and professionalism shown, by CPL Dublin. Unlike some other recruitment agencies, you keep me up to date with opportunities and the progress of applications. Having previously contracted through CPL, I can vouch for on-time settlements. When an issue arose, it was resolved within the day. I will have no hesitation in recommending CPL to clients or candidates, and look forward to working with you again.”
(Greg Warren, Jobseeker).

“CPL Solutions have been working with [the] Bank over the last number of years to recruit Specialist Contract IT staff. We have found their understanding of our requirements and their knowledge excellent in relation to the identification of candidates with the required experience, skills and expertise.”
(Sandra Reid, Manager, Human Resources).

“Thanks to the efficient manner in which CPL conducts its business, I secured an excellent role with a major utility company within days of contacting CPL with my CV. They quickly matched my skill set with the available positions they had and I was consulted on which ones I was happy for CPL to apply to on my behalf. An interview was promptly arranged and I was successful in securing the role that same day! Thanks to the close relationship CPL has with its clients and their ability to match individuals with suitable jobs the process of securing a satisfying role is as easy and rewarding as ever”
(Mark McCourt, Jobseeker)

“I have been working as an IT contractor for years, and in that time have worked with a variety of recruitment agencies. I’ve had more advice from and contact with [CPL] than with all previous recruitment consultants combined. [CPL] has at all times been professional, knowledgeable and approachable and I look forward to continuing to work with [them] in the future.”
(Sarah Gavin , Jobseeker)

“The service provided by [CPL] was outstanding. I contacted [CPL] and within the space of a week [they] had interviewed me and put me forward for 2 positions, each of which I attended at least one interview for and one of which offered me my 6 month contract. The positions were absolutely perfect in the sense that they reflected my previous experience and matched my skill set and wage expectations. I have been extremely happy with the ongoing contact and support from [CPL] and any queries have been dealt with immediately and satisfactorily. I have since recommended CPL to a number of contacts and would be more than happy to continue to do so.”
(Joanna Cowper Moore, Jobseeker)

“I have worked [as a contractor for] CPL … for the best part of the past 7 years. It was [they] who found me a contract [in Dublin] when I was still living in the UK. I worked there for 5 years without a problem. All of the staff at CPL that I have had dealings with over this time have been very professional, polite and efficient. When I had the chance to return to [Ireland] I didn’t hesitate to approach CPL and ask that they represent me.”
(Gary Heath, Jobseeker)

“I’d like to thank you for the support and your kind manners. It is not easy to find a recruiter who doesn’t treat you like a number, if you get what I mean, and really, you’ve been the best recruiter I’ve met so far, professional with a heart.”
(Sara Agostini, Jobseeker)

“CPL has been very professional and that’s why I am recommending the company to my colleagues and friends.”
(Enrico Foschi, Jobseeker)

“I have been dealing with [CPL] since 2004 in relation to filling several contract positions. I have found [CPL] to be very professional and exceptionally knowledgeable regarding my particular requirements. I can say that I have had 100% success rate and satisfaction rate with the staff placed with ourselves. Overall I am very pleased with the service [CPL] provides and would have no problem recommending [them].”
(Lilian O Sullivan, Hiring Manager)