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5 Great Big Data facts about little Ireland

More and more about big data these days providing useful insights to enable decision makers. Here are 5 nice things we’ve learned from big data about little Ireland.

As you know, from time to time, I like to “fly the flag” for Ireland and highlight why it is such a great place to live and work, and as a Data Analytics graduate, I like reading about things to do with big data, so here are 5 things you might not have known:

1. Ireland does the “most good”

Ted.com run an index called “The Good Country Index” which measures how much each country contributes to the planet. Ireland topped the poll in the latest release, at number one: http://goo.gl/dpIZXy

TED.com Good Country Index – click for a larger version

2. We have the 10th best traffic in the world

According to Numbeo, the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide, Ireland ranks number 10 in the world for its traffic, its index being a composite index of time consumed in traffic due to job commute, estimation of time consumption dissatisfaction, CO2 consumption estimation in traffic and overall inefficiencies in the traffic system: http://goo.gl/FstxOw

Numbeo.com traffic index (by country) – click for a larger version

3. We’re pretty pollution-free too!

Again, according to Numbeo, Ireland is #11 in the global pollution index. Pollution by their definition means the amount of pollution in the country, not how much it makes (ideally of course, having both as low as possible is desireable): http://goo.gl/H5A3vU

Numbeos Pollution Index - click for an interactive version

Numbeo Pollution Index – click for an interactive version

4. We live until we’re 81 years old!

Yes, that’s what he WHO and Eurostat say. Eurostat provides detailed statistics on the EU and candidate countries, along with various statistical publications and the WHO track life expectancy on a global basis. According to Eurostat, women in Ireland live to an average age of 83.2 years, and men until we’re 78.7 years old. According to the WHO, Japan is number 1 at 84 years, so Ireland is only 3 years off that (and besides, I don’t speak Japanese). Horray!: http://goo.gl/ogNJjk

WHO Life Expectancy page. Click for an interactive version.

WHO Life Expectancy page. Click for an interactive version.

5. We smart and were getting smarter.

OK – what I mean here is more educated. The below graph, from the CSO Education analysis of the 2011 census, illustrates clearly ongoing gains in educational attainment in Ireland. This data a bit older than the rest, being a report from 2012 but I think its an important index to promote Ireland, becuase it relates not only to ourselves, but to future generations: http://goo.gl/0C1Rgj

Education Gains in Ieeland - click to see the full report.

Education Gains in Ireland – click to see the full report.

So there you go. If you want to live for a long time, in a country with low pollution, spend as little time as you can in traffic, surrounded by people who think of others and where you (and your children) will likely be the among the most educated in the world, you must be in Ireland, or on your way here.

Podcast Episode 10: Graduate Tips with Mark Mitchell of gradireland

This week, I’m delighted to be joined by Mark Mitchell, Publisher of gradireland. This is a particularly timely episode coming after exams, the recent announcement by Ericsson Ireland of 120 new positions including graduate positions, and gradirelands summer Career Fair which is on the 11th June in the RDS (an event Ericsson is a big supporter of and at which, Ericsson will be in attendance).

You can hear the episode here: http://goo.gl/Z3w7rz
You can apply to grad roles in Ericsson here: http://goo.gl/s4vF3j
You can register for free for the careers fair here: http://gradireland.com/events/57016
Hope you enjoy the episode and hope to see you at the Careers Fair.

Mark Mitchell gradireland

Jobs Podcast: 001: CVs

Hi Everyone, I’ve just published the next episode of the Jobs Podcast online here if you want to check it out. It will also be on learnoutloud and iTunes shortly too.  Hope you enjoy – this episode is about how to market yourself with your CV:
What to put in, and leave out and how to make it effective.


Average Wage

This is a great application, from figures calculated by the International Labour Organization and put into an application by the BBC. You simply select your country, type in your monthly salary, and it will tell you if you are above or below the average for that country:




Some additional configuration of MS Office 2010 and Windows 7

Hi everyone, I got a new machine in work yesterday and found a few of the new features of MS Office 2010 and Windows 7 not to my taste, so I switched them off (and added one to outlook). I thought I would share this with you all, as you may find it useful.

Let me know what you customise any time you get a new machine or do a reinstall of your OS!

1. Spellchecker
I turned on “Always spellcheck before sending” in my Outlook options

2. Outlook Connector
I Installed the outlook connector for linkedin which you can get here: http://www.linkedin.com/outlook.

3. Turn off .docx
As lot of people still cannot (or will not) open the new “docx” format in MS Word, so I set my default in MS word to “.doc”. To do this, in MS Word, go to File – Save As, and then click the Tools option near the Save button, and then select Save Options.In the dialog that appears (screenshot 4) select Word 97-2003 document and click ok

4. Turn Off Transparency
If like me, you don’t like transparency effect of Windows 7 you can turn it off by going to control panel – appearance and personalisation – change windows glass colour and untick Enable transparency.

5. Recent File Lists
I put my recent files back in MS Office. By default, you have to click on Recent in the file menu to see them (red arrow). To cut this step out, click the checkbox beside Quickly access this number of Recent documents and select the number you would like to view (yellow arrow) and it will be like it was before.

Did you find this useful? Let me know what you customise any time you get a new machine or do a reinstall of your OS!

Facebook page

Hi Everyone, I’ve added a Facebook page for my jobs to the list of places you can pick up what jobs I have. If you are interested in paying a visit, please go to this link . It’s a duplicate in may ways of what is here, but if you are using Facebook and would prefer this method of delivery, it is there for you now.