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GLOBE Meeting in Ericsson Ireland

Our recent LGBT Network Launch was a great success. There was a strong turnout representing many parts of the Ericsson Ireland organisation and the network were very happy to have many of the managers join on the day showing their support.

The event was hosted by Derrick Howard and Sharon Goff who outlined why LGBT issues. The discussion was informative and well received, with the steering group team members adding their comments during a very interactive session.

Karen Lyons provided some background on the importance of Diversity generally, and the session also asked the audience to think about what they themselves can do.

The session had a collaborative feel where many of those present had the opportunity to ask questions and give suggestions and feedback.

Ericsson Ireland is committed to providing an inclusive work environment where everyone is valued and welcome. All individuals are respected for the skills they bring and the contributions and impact they make. If that sounds like the kind of place you would like to work, please visit our careers portal:


Cyberlympics Winners

Congratulations to the Cyberlympics Winners!

On Thursday the 29th of October Ericcson ran a successful Cyberlympics event on campus in UCD. We had an excellent turnout of almost 40 enthusiastic computer science and engineering students. The competition was enjoyed by all and very well received. The winning team consisted of Karl Jonas Radle, Fabio D’Urso, Vincentas Glusinskas and Michal Gwizdz and they finished on a score of 4300 after two 45 minute rounds. A huge congratulations to the winning team as they held of stiff competition from the other teams.  We look forwarding to seeing everyone again at future events.

Well done to to the organisers and volunteers and most especially all the participants!



Ericsson at the Midlands Jobs Fair

Congratulations and thanks to Anne and Bernadetta, the organisers of the Midlands Jobs Fair for inviting us yesterday to the event in Athlone.

It was an enormous success and we met hundreds of job seekers and spoke to them about what a fantastic employer Ericsson is.

We also spoke to some recent graduates about joining Ericsson as a graduate employee, or further study through the Ericsson Masters in Software Technology – Plus a Guaranteed Job.

We also met some of the EURopean Employment Services (EURES) Team, some of whom had traveled from all over Europe to meet with midlands job seekers and advise them of options abroad. EURES offer a job mobility portal for job seekers and EURES Advisers that are in daily contact with job seekers and employers across Europe.


It was great also to meet and speak with Kevin Humphreys, T.D., Minister of State at the Department of Social Protection with special responsibility for Employment, Community and Social Support about what Ericsson has brought to the midlands as an employer, as well as speak to Athlone Community Radio about what types of positions we have available.

Overall, a great day!



Connecting Women in Technology / Vodafone LinkedIn Session

I’m absolutely thrilled to be invited, through the Connecting Women In Technology group, to visit Vodafone Ireland to present to them about how they can leverage LinkedIn to build their own personal networks and promote Vodafone in the process. I’ll be in the Vodafone Mountain View offices from 10.00 a.m. this coming 2nd November. I hope I can give some useful insight!

I gave the same talk in Ericsson a couple of weeks ago, and I hope those there found it useful. For more about Connecting Women In Technology group, you can visit their Facebook page here:

Vodafone also recently launched their Ready Business LinkedIn portal, which you learn more about here:

Back to the Future

Its been the subject of many hoaxes, but tomorrow really is is the day that Marty McFly traveled into the future. Ericsson technology has helped make many of the predictions come though, (such as wireless technology, digital TV etc), and continue to shape the future. You can learn more about what they do (and get insights into what the future will bring) here:

If you’d like to be part of a company that has been shaping the future future for over 130 years, you should visit the Ericsson careers page: https://jobs.ericsson.com/search/?q=&locationsearch=Athlone

In the meantime, here is some fun:

3 Economic Indicators from the CSO [That you will like]

Great news for Ireland with the Central Statistics Office releasing 3 positive indicators in a row over the last 2 days:

1. Unemployment is down

According to the CSO, Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for September 2015 was 9.4%, down from the August 2015 rate of 9.5% and down from 10.9% in September 2014. More here.

2. More tourists are coming and more people in Ireland are able to Travel

In the period June – August 2015, the total number of trips to Ireland increased by 12.2% to 2,787,700 – an overall increase of 303,700 compared to the same period twelve months earlier.  Also the total number of overseas trips made by Irish residents during the period June – August 2015 increased by 6.2% to 2,316,700. More here.




3. House Prices are continuing to rise responsibly

While nowhere near the Celtic Tiger prices, House Prices seem to have returned to reasonable growth, with residential property prices up by 2.3% nationwide in the month of August, up 9.5% on an annual basis. Of course, there are problems in the rental sector, but hopefully normality in the home-owner sector will have the knock-on effect of restoring normality in the rental sector too. More here.

…and hopefully it will only get better when we win the Rugby World cup! #COYBIG