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Back to the Future

Its been the subject of many hoaxes, but tomorrow really is is the day that Marty McFly traveled into the future. Ericsson technology has helped make many of the predictions come though, (such as wireless technology, digital TV etc), and continue to shape the future. You can learn more about what they do (and get insights into what the future will bring) here:

If you’d like to be part of a company that has been shaping the future future for over 130 years, you should visit the Ericsson careers page: https://jobs.ericsson.com/search/?q=&locationsearch=Athlone

In the meantime, here is some fun:

TV & Media Hackathon 2015

Well done to the Dublin team (Hugh, Gearoid pictured, and Abubakr and Rosario and anyone else I have missed on the earlier shifts) who are participating in the TV &  Media Hackathon from here in Ericsson LM Ireland.

The team are participating with teams in 17 other sites globally with 350 other participants (from Canada, the US in Atlanta, LA, Dallas, through Sweden, Spain, Croatia in Europe, all the way across the globe as far as China and Australia). The challenge is staggering: Create a TV application prototype! Peter and David (who’s chest is also pictured) have been providing moral as well as nutritional support (in the form of Pizza).

The guys stopped briefly to let me know that it is tough, but they are really enjoying the challenge. # TVandMediaHackathon2015 #Ericsson

Build the Networked Society

A fantastic quiz and interactive application from the website team here at Ericsson. Can you build the Networked Society?

Can you make decisions about infrastructure, investment and support? Can you positively affect the world around you – and the people in it? Visit this to begin building your own Networked Society: http://buildthenetworkedsociety.com/


Friday Fun

Some Friday fun again, but again with a serious twist. Joseph & Joseph Productions have picked real quotations from the profile summaries of real people on LinkedIn and invited actors to read them out loud. This is just a bit of fun, but it highlights an important point: you should take an objective look at your LinkedIn profile and consider what others might think. Anyway – please enjoy the video, and if you feel your profile is ready, why not consider a role here in Ericsson:

(by the way – I am under no illusions – I’m sure my own LinkedIn profile is not perfect either – please feel free to point out anything you see to me!)

Map of Ericsson Open Positions

Hi Everyone,

For the geographically mobile of you, you may find this link useful – its a map showing Ericsson open positions all over the world, mapped to the locations where they are based: http://www.tweetmyjobs.com/job-map/ericsson



Squinch and Smize

Some Friday Fun- here is a video about how to “smize” from its inventor Tyra Banks as she persuades Larry King to give it a try.

While its a bit of fun, @tyrabanks could not be more right – a photo can influence employers, and there is a science to getting your picture taken right. For more about the science of a profile picture (for your LinkedIn profile or similar), including the science behind the “squinch”, I’d recommend Kevan Lee’s post on The Research and Science behind Finding Your Best Profile Picture

Have a great weekend everyone!