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Springboard as a route to employment

Yesterdays Sunday Business Post Artice (that 23% of Irish households are jobless) made for stark reading.

While its not the panacea, as a recruiter I’m going to reiterate my support for the Springboard initiative. I recently visited the Springboard roadshow when it was here in Dublin and spoke to some of the course facilitators. From humble beginnings to its current form, the initative now encompasses a list of courses that is staggeringly long (nearly 200) and diverse (everything from Biopharmaceutical Operations to IT), and its been my experience, very relevant to what employers are seeking.

Having witnessed first-hand the success that springboard graduates of conversion courses can bring to an organisation I’d encourage all employers and recruiters to get behind the initiative too.

I’d also encourage job seekers to visit the springboard site and see what is available, after all, according to Springboard, 94% of participants have reported that they would be willing to recommend it to others, and the initiative has so far helped over 16,000 job seekers improve their job prospects by gaining a further qualification.

Its not the solution to fix the problem in its entirety, not without its flaws, and its not for everyone, but (provided you meet the eligibility criteria) courses are free, relevant and worthwhile. You can visit the springboard website at: www.springboardcourses.ie

Sprinbgoard roadshow 2014

Sprinbgoard roadshow 2014

Sprinbgoard roadshow 2014

Sprinbgoard roadshow 2014

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