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FAQs from CareerZoo

The turnout at CareerZoo was amazing, and for any of you that did stop by the Ericsson stand on the day, thank you for saying  hi.

Although we met a huge variety of candidates, there were a few FAQ’s that came up, so I thought I would share them and the answers here:

  • Q. Where in Ireland are Ericsson?
  • A. Ericsson is in Dublin and Athlone
  • Q. What kind of skills does Ericsson look for?
  • A. Athlone is our Product Development Unit, so mainly we look for Java there, and in Dublin, we have a number of divisions, but mainly we have Competency Hubs which serve our customers in Ireland, Europe and the world. As such, we normally hire for skills in networking, integration, engineering and project management most commonly, but there are currently c1500 people in Ericsson Ireland in a range of roles, so whatever you do, we might potentially have something for you in the future.
  • Q. What options does Ericsson have for Graduates?
  • A. Lots! We have a Masters Program with a guaranteed job at the end of it, and we have also hired graduates in a graduate program every year, AND we also advertise graduate/entry-level positions as they arise on our portal.
  • Q. How can I find out more/register for interest for all of the above?
  • A. Simple. For more about Ericsson, to see the list of roles we have open currently, and to set up alerts so you would be notified of future roles (including graduate ones), you can set up a profile at: http://www.ericsson.com/ie/careers

Lastly, I’d  also like to say congratulations to Brian and his team for organizing such a brilliant event – it was great to be there and looking forward to next year.

Teresa at the Ericsson Stand at CareerZoo 2013

Teresa at the Ericsson Stand at CareerZoo 2013

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