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Big Data Analysis Made Easy

Big data is very topical at he moment with Edward Snowden so much in the news for blowing the whistle on Prism, and whatever your views on it, Big Data is undeniably the technological Zeitgeist.  As you may or may not know, big data is a favorite topic of mine, that’s why it was with regret that I missed the Jaspersoft Breakfast Seminar last week in Dublin. On the bright side though, Jaspersoft have been kind enough to make  materials available online. The slides make for interesting reading, so much so, I’ve decided to set  up my Hadoop/MongoDB lab over the weekend (wish me luck!).

The slides are available (although the link to Bryan Drexlers slides is currently broken) here, and are comprehensive from an overview of the area (for example, did you know that 90% of the data in the world was created in the last 2 years?) to pragmatic and straightforward  advice on building interactive dashboards from Raphaël Peguet. You can view the slides here: https://www.jaspersoft.com/event/big-data-analysis-made-easy

Great to see these tools becoming more and more powerful and accessible. It would be great to see Jaspersoft develop a predictive modelling application to compete with the open-source Weka or SAS. Here’s hoping.

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