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Lots of good internet news for employers

In what has to be good news for business in Ireland, particularly high-tech companies whose life-blood is their internet connections, Ireland has entered the top 10 of countries with fastest internet connection speeds worldwide. In a report published and available for download from http://www.akamai.com/, who handle tens of billions of daily Web interactions for companies like Audi, NBC, and Fujitsu, and organizations like the U.S. Department of Defense and NASDAQ, Ireland has pipped Canada to be in the top group. Ireland has an average speed of 5.6 MB/second, nearly 2 and a half times the global average of 2.1 and 6% higher than the US which only has 5.3 MB/second. It is only set to get better too, with Eircom’s announcement that it plans to spend €100 million on bringing fibre powered broadband to 100,000 homes by 2012. This follows hot on the heels of UPC’s announcement that 190,000 of its customers will also be upgraded to 20 MB/second in the coming months too.
Global Average Connection Speeds

Global Average Connection Speeds

Ireland also performed excellently on internet security, with a miniscule percentage of “attack traffic” originating here, at 0.1%. The worst performing countries in this category were Myanmar (13%), the US (10%), Taiwan (9.1%) and Russia (7.7%). EU countries that did not fare well in this category were Italy and Romania, both at 2.5%.

(Graphic courtesy of Akamai)

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