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Irish Jobs Market at September 2009

Market Analysis: Irish Jobs Market at September 2009.

I am getting asked a lot (and I’m asking too) how the jobs market is doing right now. Anecdotally, anyone I speak to is saying it “feels” like it’s getting busier, but I wanted to be in a position to give a better answer.

Therefore, I had a look at the CPL IT database and counted the placements since the beginning of the year (a placement is what we call it when we find someone a job).

The emerging trend would seem to support the stories that the jobs market is improving.  Below is a figure of job placements made by CPL this year so far (the grey portion is what we have done in September, the blue for September is a projection based off September so far). It would look like the general trend is up overall:

2009 trend

2009 trend

Even if my September projections prove to be overambitious, the general trend is in the right direction (up).

Of course, these are very “bare” figures that ignore things like seasonal factors (such as Christmas and August Holidays and so on), but I thought these would be interesting to you all.

I’d be interested to hear from you if you have any thoughts/comments etc about the market and what your experience is. Please feel free to fill in a comment below.

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