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The Current Market

Nearly everyone I speak to (even when I’m not in work) is asking me about the market. I can only tell you what I see, and here it is: In my area I am seeing no significant slowdown (this seems counter intuative given media reports, but here is my data). I took some time to go over the last 16 months of new business on my desk to see if I could spot any trends, and here is the graph:
*I projected April 08’s figure by taking what I have seen over the last 3 weeks and multiplied up by 25% (I thought this was reasonable, as there are actually 34% of April’s working days left).

As you can see, the results were somewhat surprising! I’m not a statistician, but from what I can gather:
Reasonably steady throughout, (more than I thought – bear in mind, the bumps here do not represent massive swings). I had a bit of lull in August, but that is normal, it being the month a lot of people take holidays, but most interestingly, my busy period was April/May. I haven’t figured out the reason for this as yet, but I hope it’s going to be the same this year.
My advice: register with me now if you are on the move, if the data is anything to go by, I should have something for you now or soon!

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