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RSS explained

Asking around I was surprised that RSS is relatively unused by the folks I spoke to today. Since this site is RSS Enabled, I thought I would explain (in my own language).

Why RSS? – So you don’t have to “find” the differences on my pages or visit back to see if I have made any. Changes will be notified to you automatically with links (so you can see what jobs I ave put up etc).

How to enable: Lots of ways, simplest is to visit this web page on your browser:


On it click “Subscribe”, and you are set up.

How to use: (I’m sure this works on FireFox too but am on IE at the moment) – in IE, go to View – Explorer Bar- Feeds and this will bring up a list on the left of your feeds like below. When new items are present, they will be bold.

You can also configure them to auto-mail you if you have Outlook, (and I would imagine Eudora etc).

As ever, hope this helps. If you have any related tips, please do email me and I’ll post them.

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