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Information Systems Programme, Trinity College, School of Computer Science & Statistics

Before I took up my studies at DIT, I almost went to TCD to complete my MSc in Management of Information Systems. I can recommend both, and if you are interested in the area of MIS/Data area, it my be of interest for you to know that TCD are holding an open evening on Monday 27th April 2015. You can find out more details here: http://goo.gl/YUjKCk


Get Lost

Niamh O’Connor (our Graduate Recruitment Consultant at Ericsson) and I went out for lunch yesterday and got a little lost (because of my directions). I have to say, Athlone is a pretty nice place to get lost in – I’d recommend it.

Get Lost in Athlone

Get Lost in Athlone

Wouldn’t you like to be working here? http://goo.gl/QAg4Hv

The Joel Test

I’ve recently been made aware of the Joel test. Invented by Joel Spolsky, its a 12 step test to rate the quality of a software team. Seems clever, and I’m wondering if it could be useful as an interview tool. If you have any thoughts, I’d love to her them either below, or you can email me directly at barry@barry.ie

Have you ever been asked this at, or prior to, an interview, and what would you think of the company if you were?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Here is the test in full test: The Joel Test


Joel Spolsky, author of the Joel Test (with thanks to the photographer, Katie Chan)

Ericsson Globe Goes Green on St Patrick’s Day

The Ericsson Globe in Stockholm went green on St Patrick’s Day. Here is a nice picture with a link to the release:

Ericsson Globe in Stockholm

Happy St Patrick’s Day

Hi Everyone, Just to let you know it is St Patricks Day here in Ireland tomorrow, Tuesday 17th March, so Ericsson LMI, (and much of Ireland) was be closed for some Irishness. Happy St Patrick’s Day, wherever you are.

Giza glows green, with thanks to Al Arabiya News



Fantastic Liam Neeson Narrated Ireland Video

A fantastic video released this week in advance of St Patrick’s day here in Ireland. Well worth a watch:

…and if you like what you see, why not consider coming to live and work here: http://goo.gl/nP8rMD





Vincent Everts visits the Ericsson’s booth at World Mobile Congress

A great video of Vincent Everts at the Ericsson’s booth at World Mobile Congress:


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